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DIY salt glow recipe for the New Year!



I just taught a class on making sugar scrubs & salt glows for Wallowa County Slow Food. I was amazed at how many chose salt over sugar. Is it the time of year? Or perhaps all the salt choices? Or maybe the fact that we are inland now? Nevertheless, I wanted to share a favorite salt glow recipe for that dry, indoor, wintery skin. The essential oil blend is uplifting, and spruce is specific to weary adrenals. The perfect aroma for some winter downtime when your branches are feeling loaded and heavy with snow. If you are in the area, we will be offering this salt glow in bulk!  Come on down!  

2 cups sea salt (I prefer to use Real salt with the pretty red flecks or Pacific solar sea salt)                          

1/2 -3/4 cup vegetable oil - sunflower is a favorite - hemp or avocado will yield a green scrub

10 drops spruce essential oil - black or hemlock
10 drops pink grapefruit essential oil
(available from mountain rose herbs)

Mix the salt and the smaller amount of oil in a bowl with a rubber spatula or spoon, mixing up any clumps. Add more oil if needed. (some like a drier scrub - others an oilier one) Once you have the texture you would like, add the essential oil. Trust your nose and what you think smells best to you.

This scrub is best used in the shower. After cleansing your body, step out of the water flow and apply a small handful of sugar scrub all over the body. Rinse. Take care not to slip - as this will make your tub quite slippery! Admire how soft and glowing your skin is and repeat as needed. This scrub is best used up or kept in the refrigerator between uses - good for 2 weeks.

Recipe by Jody Berry, Wild Carrot Herbals