Rhubarb Cordial

Earlier this week, while sipping a delicious cocktail on the front porch with friends, we were inspired to make rhubarb cordial. I sliced up a whole bunch, packed it in a jar, and added the zest of one meyer lemon and a few star anise pods. I covered it with our grape brandy (you can sub with 100 proof vodka), capped it tightly and put it on the kitchen table. I will keep it there for a month and shake it every day, checking to make sure that the rhubarb is still covered with alcohol. After one month I will strain off the plant material and add some sugar. I don't usually add a lot - but with rhubarb I would add at least a cup to a quart of alcohol. Then store in a dark place for several months. You can sip on this full strength, or add 1/2 shot to 2 shots Hendrix Gin for a delicious bevie. Ode to joy!