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Apple Dreams & Hummingbirds

Saturday was such a gorgeous day! We spent most of the day outside-planning where to plant this year's addition of fruit trees. Last fall we finally got our dream cider press, made locally by Correll Cider Presses. We ordered the flagship model and waited over a year for the hand made beauty to be ready to pick up. Unfortunately, 2009 was a terrible year for apples in our little hamlet-maybe it was too wet and cold in the spring for bees-or maybe just an alternate year. Nevertheless, we had a press and not many apples. We juiced our Asian pears and our grapes and dreamed of next year. We are adding 5 more apple trees to the line up, along with 3 European pears, 3 mulberries, more blueberries, currants, serviceberries and some NW natives-all from Burnt Ridge Nursery. We love the choices that they offer, they are certified organic, and their trees are vigorous and very reasonably priced. Plus, I spent 3 years as an intern there-so they have a soft spot in my heart.

While pruning grapes, we saw the first male black-chinned hummingbird of the season! He didn't seem phased by us a bit and allowed us to get a really close look at his beautiful gorgette while chirping loudly. I also noticed that our resident American goldfinches are starting to turn more golden. Could it be true? It would seem that birds are telling us that spring is right around the corner! Yippee!