Give Thanks!


I had every intention of getting a newsletter out this Fall equinox, but life has been so abundant and full (in other words-crazy-busy) that sitting down to write just slipped down on my list of priorities. So here I am now, rounding the corner into holiday madness and I am taking a breath and wanted to give a big thanks. Thanks to all of you for choosing to support a small, family-run business like Wild Carrot. Thanks for all the growth we have seen this year, your FB posts, your emails, phone calls, personal experiences with our products, and all around enthusiasm. Thanks too for signing up for our newsletter and for lending an eye and an ear to all that is happening out here on our little farm in rural Oregon.


Our 4 year old daughter started preschool this year. It has been odd not having her around to help us and sing to us and swirl around in the yurt 3 days a week. I never thought preschool would be something we would opt for-but she is thriving on friends and play time, crafts and learning more songs than I could have imagined.

We put a lot of things up this year! We canned fresh tuna, our very own beets, bread and butter pickles, blackberry jam, apricot amaretto jam, grape juice, and apple cider. We froze gallons of strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and peaches. We also made a lot of fruit leather and cordials-so delicious! For Wild Carrot we put up 55 gallons of St. John’s Wort oil and close to that many of Calendula oil. We are still harvesting calendula and making oil, as it hasn’t frosted hard enough and the plants keep producing beautiful golden flowers. We also made gallons of plantain, comfrey, chickweed, rose, yarrow, chamomile, nettle, burdock, and elder oils.

Since the last newsletter, we have lost both of our old farm dogs, Tita and Randy. Randy was a rescue dog that I adopted when he was 2. He was sprung from the clink, almost euthanized for chasing cows. He was really big for a Border Collie and looked a lot like a bear, and lived a luxurious, full 15 years when he left the farm. Tita died about 3 weeks after Randy did and I am still too raw to put much to words. I got Tita when she was 6 weeks old and we had almost 17 years together. She was my first dog and truly unique. She climbed ladders and trees and she was a skilled huntress. She was a mighty protectress too. We will miss you Tita Carmelita and Randoni on all of our plant gathering adventures, and miss your songs. I thank you for all the years of protection you gave us, the hundreds of miles of trails we walked together, and many, many good laughs.