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DIY: Calendula infused oil

We have had a few requests for this article on how to make your own calendula oil from one of our first newsletters.
So here it is!

The plant that comes to mind for me most as I write this is our tried and true, hardy and bountiful friend, calendula. Also known as pot marigold, this little plant produces an incredible amount of blooms throughout the year. A member of the daisy family, they come in varying hues of yellow, orange and orange with brown centers. They could have been the poster child for the 70’s. Golden and filled with light, opening and closing with the heat of the day and intensity of sunlight, the blossoms are sticky and resinous and they smell delightful-floral, citrus notes, and definitely resinous-like amber.

We pick calendula in the warmest part of the day when the sun is shining and the blossoms are completely dry. You can infuse them in olive oil right from the field like this as long as the plant material is completely dry. You can also wilt them on an old screen for a few hours or a day to ensure that they are dry. Pack the blossoms in a jar and cover completely with olive oil. Use a wooden spoon to release any air bubbles in the jar. Use a stone or some heavy object on the plant material to ensure that it stays below the surface of the oil. Put a lid on it and store in a cool, dark place. Check the jar from time to time to make check for condensation or mold, and top the contents with olive oil if needed. Decant your oil after 2-3 weeks and store in an airtight, dark glass container. This will keep for about 6 months. Use this oil for use in lip balms, your own salves or as a massage oil.

Calendula is anti-inflammatory, soothing, and softens the skin. It is also great for children. It can also be juiced and used for thrush. A tea made from fresh flowers makes a great eyewash, and the oil used as a pain-relieving ear oil.
We use calendula infused oil in many of our products. Our delicious lip balms, stretch salve, firefly sparkle lotion, gaia goo healing salve, goo-goo baby bum balm, sore muscle salves, and hemorrhoid healing salve are just a few.