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Happy Spring Equinox!


For some of us, this is hungry bear emerging from her slumber time. Or maybe mole blinded by all the bright light. For others, it is time to nest and get things in order, or blossom in a beautiful, fragrant display. Then there is the return of color! The birds are brighter, the fields the most emerald green and the sky the sweetest blue. The days are growing longer too and it feels like such a welcome gift.

I just finished reading “Full Moon Feast” by Jessica Prentice. It was one of my favorite Christmas presents. Part cook book, part self reflection and part food facts and folklore, it was a delicious combination for me. Her book is broken into chapters, each one being the 13 moons that we used to mark in a calendar year, rather than 12 months. She refers to this time of year as the Sap Moon, when spring is beginning to stir in the plants and the life source begins to migrate from the roots and under ground up into the aerial parts of the plants. She also speaks of our innate need for sweetness and comfort:

On the Sap Moon, may we all be reminded of our enduring connection to the trees and plants of landscapes that are part of our planet’s web of life and cultural heritage. May we give thanks for sap, which is to plants what blood is to animals and water to earth--that liquid movement of life, growth, and return. May we all be blessed with the sweetness of life, and may we sometimes find it somewhere other than dessert!