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Happy Summer Solstice!


Well it isn’t exactly warm here yet, as summer in the NW doesn’t officially start until the 4th of July.  It is balmier though, verdant, lush, and very jungle-like.  I truly adore this time of year.  I feel fortunate to bear witness to all the living things around us.  The apple trees doubled in size last year, the mulberries finally set fruit, the elderberries are getting huge, and the pear trees put on some serious girth.  The walnuts have little tiny double clusters of nuts this year and the red hazelnut has finally hit its stride.  The herb garden  looks like a mature herb garden now and the chamomile patch is epic.  The roses continue to ramble and take over any thing they can and the grapes look like they will produce a lot of fruit this year.  Such abundance here in the Willamette Valley!


This spring I decided to try on a little scarcity and did a 21 day cleanse.  It seems incredibly timely to give my body a break from digestion and to anticipate all the fresh flavors and colors to come.  It also feels good to purge my body of things that no longer serve me and make me feel bogged down.  It has been interesting to observe my energy levels restored without caffeine, my taste buds fined tuned to the sweet things in life, and even my vision seems to have improved.  Metaphorically, it couldn’t be better timing in this magical year of 2012, as well as solstice, a time to throw into the fire the things that scare you, trouble you, or keep you stuck in a rut.