Farm update: Wild Carrot is moving!


For about a year now we have been looking for a way to simplify our lives and find a place that has a larger facility.  Rural living and working from home definitely has many positives, but we have outgrown our current space and know that we will soon be looking at a commute.  Ginger’s school is also a commute.  We made lists.  We traveled to different places.  We knew we wanted to stay in Oregon, drive less, be part of a solid community, and we all loved the idea of a mountain town.  I adore cold weather and every winter I feel my DNA is being denied by living in a mild climate.  So, after much searching and ritual and asking, the perfect place unfolded - a place I have dreamed of since I was a river guide 25 years ago.  We are moving to a remote corner of NE Oregon in Wallowa county - Enterprise, Oregon.  We found the perfect new home for Wild Carrot that will allow us to be more efficient and grow just a little more.  We are bringing jobs to an area that truly needs them.  We get to walk to work, bike to the brewery, discover new wild places and new wild plants.  Our products will now be infused with bright sunlight, raptors, balsam root, 10,000 foot peaks, elk, bear, wolves, and moose.  We are over the moon with excitement about it and cannot wait to share our adventures with you all.  Look for us this August on I-84 with dogs, kitty, chickens, shipping container full of product and convoy of old vehicles.  It should be quite a sight!