Warm Winter Solstice Salutations!


Greetings from the snow globe! Many times a day I gawk at the blue sky out a window, or I walk out in the snow with the doggies, or I watch the chubby quail in our yard, or a buck leap by, or I gaze at the sunrise on the Wallowa Mountains and I am dazzled by the beauty and wildness of winter in this place. The outdoor ice rink should be opening this week and there should be ice skating with Santa on Christmas Eve. For me, I am still recovering my tail bone from a slide incident at the pumpkin patch last year, so it will be a Ginger and Daddy event. But you can certainly find me snow shoeing! The dogs will be shushing along with me too.


12.21.2012 - Well this is the magical day that many have been looking forward to. The end of the Mayan calendar - the birthing of a new way of being? I hope that you can carve out some time on this magical day or dance into the evening around a fire and dream the most beautiful dream. Be fearless in what you imagine and ask for, with love in your heart and laughter in your throat, your body a radiant hum of light. On this longest night of the year we will be outside in front of a fire and letting our eyes feast on the golden glow while we toss into the fire what no longer serves us. The following day we will be doing our annual squash boat ritual to bring more intent and ritual to those dreams that we wish to manifest for the new year. Great for the whole family and for those from all beliefs, this ritual is powerful! You will need running water of some kind - I have done this in the Puget Sound, Kennedy Creek, Capital Lake, and even a drainage ditch.

Make sure that you only use biodegradable materials. For your boat, you can use yellow squash, pumpkins, acorn squash or zucchinis. We find oblong shapes float better than round ones. You can decorate your boats with anything you wish. I love studding mine with cloves and small pebbles. Fill your squash boat with a little honey to represent the sweetness of life and as an offering, and then you can add natural objects such as feathers, pine cones, rocks, or leaves.

As you put each into the boat say a prayer or state your desires or dreams that you want to see come to fruition. You can say it aloud or you can say it to yourself. Be specific and be very clear. We have seen amazing things happen and quickly! As a group you can take your squash to the water and state your prayers again or silently and let your boat of dreams go.


The Dirt - Clementine, our only Amerecauna hen started laying green eggs this month to add some liveliness to the egg cartons. She went up quite a few notches in the pecking order and is now third out of the coop in the morning - no longer the last. The garlic is planted and tucked in the ground and mulched with plenty of leaves.

We managed to get a few beds tilled before the October snows hit and I planted a 5 gallon bucket of cloves on an 18 degree day. I thought my hands would never be the same. Such cold! We have to wait until late spring to do anything else here with the plants. So we will wait (and formulate new things!) and look at seed catalogs and scout for good groves of Cottonwoods for our winter / spring harvest of buds. We have been invited to join in on a ground breaking day the first weekend in May with a team of Mules. My love and obsession with mules grows daily out here...

Cool things coming to Wallowa County this winter - Just down the road from us is this really cool organization called Fishtrap. They are celebrating 25 years of writing and the West this year. They host Wallowa County Reads which is in its 8th year, encouraging the whole county to read and participate in events all related to the same book. This year’s book is A River Runs Through it by Norman McLean. I have seen the movie, and not read the book, so I look forward to being a part of it. I am also especially looking forward to the community fishing day on the Imnaha River on Januray 25th. For a list of events: fishtrap.org

We are super excited to sponsor this amazing event this January 23rd-26th - the Eaglecap extreme dogsled races. Being a lover of snow and of dogs, this event will not be missed! Woof!