Soy & Corn Free Hens

For years now, I have been feeding my girls all of our kitchen scraps as well as a little morning wild bird seed & organic cracked corn.  The feeder is always full of organic layer pellets with generous helpings of organic kelp and oyster shells.  The eggs are incredible and the hensare teeming with health.  

I eat a lot of eggs.  At least 2 a day.  I have also grown more and more sensitive to wheat, corn & soy as I grow older and wiser.  One day this woman emailed me about a gallon of our lotion and her email address intrigued me - so I looked her up.  She has a company in Bellingham, WA called Scratch & Peck Feeds.  She offers corn & soy free feed, and she is the only feed to be certified GMO free from the non-GMO project.  I discovered that Azure standard carried her corn & soy free feed.  Her tag line is that "you are what your animals eat".  This resonated for me, and wanting to eliminate more corn & soy sources from my life, and always wanting to avoid GMOs, I ordered some.  

The hens went wild for the stuff.  I am not sure if that is a good thing - as they seem to be eating more of it.  Perhaps they will slow down when they get over the excitement.  This feed looks and smells so different than anything I have ever purchased or made myself.  It looks like food.  It smells like food.  I am excited to see if the eggs are any different.