DIY: Chickweed Salve


We just pressed more chickweed (Stellaria media) oil this week.  This is the time of year that chickweed would appear in our greenhouse and in our garden beds that were protected back at our farm.  We make gallons of green goodness for our gaia goo healing salve for its ability to soothe burns, draw out infection, and nourish wounds.  We also use it in our children's herbal chest rub for its strengthening of lung tissue and soothing bronchial, croupy coughs and chest colds.  I love eating chickweed too.  High in minerals and B vitamins, this little star flowered cosmic plant offers incredible plant vitality.  I eat it straight out of the garden and in my salads.  It is sweet, delicious, has the perfect crunch, and I think it tastes like spring.  Oh, and one last thing about this weed - chickens go crazy for it!  Chick - weed!

Making a salve is a 2 part process.  You will need to make your infused oil first and then make your salve by adding beeswax to it.  I have never had very good luck with making an oil infusion with fresh chickweed.  It spoils very easily.  If you are using freshly picked chickweed, dry it first on a screen or in a food dehydrator.  Once it is dry, crumble as finely as you can.       

Or you can purchase dried chickweed from  Mountain Rose Herbs.  

Put your plant material in a pyrex pitcher.  Cover completely with olive oil and heat very slowly on low heat in a double boiler.  Brew this mixture for at least a few hours up to 2 days.  Strain with an old flour sack towel or cheesecloth.  Stored cool and in a dark container it will keep for a year.  To make the salve, measure 5 oz oil by volume to 1 oz beeswax by weight.  Heat the beeswax gently in a double boiler and then add your chickweed oil.  Pour into jars and cap them when cool.  You can add essential oils too - add the drops to the bottom of each jar before pouring your liquid salve in.