Borage for Delicate Flowers

Outrageously blue, incredibly adaptive, this little star-shaped flower is a star in any garden.  I first got to know borage when I was in college in the farm program.  I wanted to plant some flowers that would attract butterflies.  I was amazed at how many of those black, hard seeds germinated.  I admired the healthy, hairy leaves that soon grew quite tall and began to crowd out my broccoli and beets that I had interplanted them with.  The flowers are truly astounding.  Hairy and oh so blue, with a big shiny droplet of sweetness oozing from the tip.  We ate farm salads daily with borage blooms in them.  Every potluck had a salad festooned with borage blooms.  I can't say that I ever noticed more butterflies in the garden, but I myself felt that I had metamorphosed into a butterfly.  They made my heart flutter and I hovered over them daily.  When I began to research borage seed oil for our skin care, I felt an immediate connection to it - I knew this plant - even the seeds.  It made sense to me that those who suffered from dry skin, eczema, and other sensitive skin issues that a plant as lovely and gregarious as borage would be a good fit.  The star shape, the sweetness, the soothing color of blue.  The flower strikes me as an embodiment of the cosmos.  I didn't know just how effective it would be however, or how much feedback we would get on our number one selling cream.  Even as I sit here in the office writing this, I can feel her hairiness, her fortitude, and I give thanks for the celestial beauty that borage brings to all of us.  Sigh.