June is Wild Carrot month!


Many moons ago I lived up in the Puget Sound area of Washington state.  At first I moved to urban lifestyle of Seattle, and eventually I fell in love with the more peaceful pace of the south Puget Sound around Olympia.  There are some amazing natural prairies around there and some, like Mima Mounds, are somewhat still intact.  The wildflowers and grasses, the birds and beings, those crazy mounds - the whole prairie ecosystem was so new to me.  I got to know some of the Chehalis tribal folks too and explore camas prairies and observe their incredible basketry craft.  I also learned that the month of June is known as Wild Carrot month.  It is not a native plant.  It was brought over from Europe a very long time ago and is now growing in all 50 states.  It is abundant, has an edible root, and a nutritious seed.  Loved by birds and humans, this plant became an important food source for the Chehalis tribe.  Being a favorite flower, and embodying abundance and nutrition, this plant became the inspiration for this company.  

In England there is a World Carrot Museum.  They have a whole page on their site dedicated to Wild Carrot.  If you are interested in reading further in this amazing and diverse plant you can find it here.  

In celebration of our namesake, and the abundance that this plant has brought our family, we are offering discounts on all of our products that contain wild carrot.  We are also offering flat rate shipping of $6.50 to all orders in the USA over $50!  Our saffron seed cream & serum, essential mist facial toner, jasmine and carrot seed cuticle cream to name a few!  They contain wild carrot flower essence, an essential oil, or the cold pressed seed oil.  Many folks assume by our name that carrot is in everything we make.  It is not - but we do use it's therapeutic properties in some of our formulations.  

As I sit here and write this, it occurred to me that June is also our anniversary of being in business.  This is year 13 for the Wild Carrot family - one of my favorite numbers.  Much gratitude to all that have made this the most bountiful and creative 13 years I could have ever asked for.  I am a lucky woman indeed.