Oregon Lavender Love


If you were lucky enough, you might have had the opportunity to attend one of the many lavender festivals happening all throughout Oregon & Washington this month.  We are sharing our love for lavender for the entire month of July.  We will include a free bottle of our Oregon Lavender Lotion with every order over $40.  Use the code LAVLUV in the comments box at check out to get yours!  

From our summer newsletter, a little about lavender or rather, Lavandula angustifolia:
Lavandula comes from the latin word lavare, meaning to wash.  It is native to the Mediterranean, steam distilled from freshly cut flowers and stalks, and the main producers are Bulgaria, France, and Oregon in the USA.  Native populations from the high altitudes of Southern France are said to be of the best quality and are the most expensive.  It is non-toxic, non-sensitizing, and non-irritating.  Lavender is considered the “mother” of all essential oils.  Lavender is said to help harmonize the nervous system, can calm the mind, alleviate fears, and at the same time uplift the spirit, revive the soul, and support the heart.  It is often used to relieve anxiety, insomnia, headaches, menstrual pain, PMS, high blood pressure, and burns.  Lavender is adaptogenic, meaning it can have a stimulant or sedative action, depending on one’s needs.  Safe for babies and adults, as well as all skin types, lavender is the most popular and versatile essential oil used in aromatherapy.

Living down the road from 2 lavender farms in Rickreall, I really got to know this plant.  On very hot days, I would rise early in the morning to go out and harvest lavender in the cooler part of the day.  The bumblebees would still be sleeping, conked out in a little lavender haze.  I love to tickle them when they are sleeping - they kick their legs, and wiggle about - but don't awake.  My sister was the first real visual lesson for me about lavender.  I took her with me to a lavender farm.  I knew that it was relaxing and smelled good - but I had never personally witnessed the change that lavender can bring about in a person.  It was incredible.  It was like she was enveloped in a lavender fog of peace and tranquility.  Over the years I have learned that there are lavender personalities and that there are folks that can't stand the plant.  I think they must be aliens.  :)