new life in an old place

When we moved to this little rural mountain town, we had a hard time adjusting to being "townies" - even though the population of this county is one of the lowest in the state.  Living in Enterprise and wanting to keep our lives as simple and low impact as possible, we began to scour the area searching for the perfect home for Wild Carrot.  We found a beautiful old building on Main Street that is 3 store fronts.  It has been empty for years now, but used to be a thriving Mercantile, a grocery store, and a jewelry store.  We didn't really envision being part of Main Street, but it is what has unfolded for us and the space is perfect for our operations and the location couldn't be any more convenient.  It is just blocks from our home and blocks from our daughter's school.  Now we find ourselves even more committed to this community and digging in deep to plant our roots.  We now have our production in one store front, packaging and shipping with a little retail store in the front of another.  We have so much more space now and the old building just feels right.  We have been open a whole week now and we are weary from moving and preparing our new home, but we are thrilled to call this new place home and feel like the luckiest dogs in the world.  

Other really cool things have unfolded that we didn't plan on either.  Growers in the county have come forward and are eager to plant for us.  Coming from the farm and growing it all ourselves, and totally overwhelmed by that construct, we are somewhat relieved to hand a little of the work to others.  New friends, new ground being sown to organic herbs, new opportunities for others within the county can only be a good thing, I think.  Other skin care makers have surfaced and other plant lovers too.  Our circle of plant folks widens - our circle of native plant wisdom does too.  

If you ever find yourself in our little corner of Oregon, please come see us and share in our excitement.  We love this old town, and we love this old building!