Larch Love

Yesterday was a glorious & golden fall day.  I was lucky to get a few hours to myself and drove up the road to explore a place I have never been to before.  While walking along the trail, I was delicately showered by larch needles.  Larch trees, a native of colder climates and alpine areas, is coniferous and deciduous.  What a rule breaker!  The larch trees all around were so brilliant they were like golden flames, the aspens quaked, the fir trees squeaked as they rocked in the wind.  I continued to walk along the trail and came to a place that I had to walk across the creek on an old log.  Considering myself half horse, the idea of balancing on a tree far above the water makes me shiver.  I considered taking my shoes off and fording the ice cold water.  But somewhere I mustered up the gumption and I did it.  Shaking a bit, and very happy to be on the other side, I continued walking.  An alpine meadow opened up, a rocky creek bed, huge mountains on one side and a very talkative creek on the other as I continued on a dusty single track.  Nobody else seemed to be out there and it was so quiet.  My eyes welled with tears and I felt an incredible release.  Soon the quiet was overtaken by the roar of water.  Up ahead was a beautiful little gorge.  Higher up an incredible vista of a series of pools and waterfalls.  Sitting on the edge of that precipice I (nearly) overcame my fear of heights and I lingered and had lunch in the sunshine.  I absorbed as much as I could of the magic of that place.  I gave thanks to the magnitude of the wild in this place.  Returning along that same trail, I was comforted once again by those golden larches.  When I got back to my car there were golden needles in my hair and stuck to my car.  I watched them fly off the windshield wipers one by one.  Larch has been on my mind all day.  We use cottonwood and birch, cedar and douglas fir, spruce and cypress in our products.  Today I read about how Larch is one of the mainstay Bach Flower Essences.  Larch is used to build confidence.  It helps with anxiety.  A total believer in the vibrational medicine of plants, I find myself pondering how Larch might take shape for Wild Carrot.  Perhaps there will be a way to incorporate her medicine in a new product.  I know that I experienced a shift in my confidence out there alone for a few hours in the wilderness.  I know that I still feel them and can see them and smell them.  Maybe others will too.