Lavender Lovers

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Soak, wash, and lather yourself in the relaxing scent of lavender. For thousands of years lavender has been utilized for its medicinal and ceremonial properties. It is high in antioxidants and does wonders for the skin. The essence also uplifts and calms, allowing you to slow down and connect to what brings you joy. This bundle is for the Lavender Lovers of your life curated with our own Lovely Lavender Bubble Bath, Lovely Lavender Body Lotion and Orchard Farms Lavender Soap. Our formulas offer your skin a beautiful and rich floral hydration, nourishing every inch of you.

Lovely Lavender Bubble Bath 

6.8oz glass bottle 

Lovely Lavender Body Lotion 

6.8oz glass pump bottle 

Orchard Farms Soap - Lavender

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