The Beauty of Blue Tansy

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 Cleanse, polish and soothe your beautiful face.

This bundle highlights the blue tansy's essential oil  which has an intensely complex aroma; with both floral and herbaceous notes, it is lapis in color and is soothing to dry, itchy and inflamed skin. Let the powerful plant allies yarrow and calendula, that are so beautifully blended in our blue tansy solid facial cleanser, literally wash over you. With yarrow's astringent qualities to tighten the pores and firming the skin and calendulas calming relief, help quiet skin that is prone to inflammation.  

Blue Tansy Solid Facial Cleanser
4oz bar
Zefiro Complexion Brush, Natural Boar Bristles
5" Lotus Wood
Slotted Wooden Cleanser Dish
3" x  3"