Amrita's Organic Deep Rest Synergy Blend

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The ingredients of Amrita's Deep Rest Synergy Blend are red mandarin, lavender extra, sweet marjoram and mandarin petitgrain essential oils.

Red mandarin and mandarin petitgrain are calming, spasm-easing, mood-enhancing and tension-relieving, and give the blend its sweet citrus scent. 

Lavender's famous relaxing effects can help dissolve negative thoughts and worries, and quiet an overactive mind. Lavender reduces tension and helps stabilize the emotions, preventing insomnia and enabling you to just let go and fall asleep peacefully. 

Sweet marjoram is the most calming and stress-relieving oil there is in aromatherapy. It helps reduce muscle pain, and mental and physical strain. While it is relaxing like aphrodisiacal ylang ylang, sweet marjoram is considered to be an 'anaphrodisiac' meaning it diminishes the sex drive as it eases tension. 

When you open a bottle of Deep Rest, the familiar scents will feel like old, dear friends. When diffused it helps even the most long suffering insomniac enjoy a peaceful night's sleep. It can also be used in a relaxing bath before bed, diluted in a carrier oil for massage or applied topically to the soles of the feet, pulse points and temples. Because the oils in this synergy are extremely stress-relieving, Deep Rest can also be used during the day as a secret weapon against times of intense stress.

10 mL/0.34 oz bottle from Amrita Aromatherapy