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Face Care

Here you will find our luxurious creams specifically for your face.  Some are a little nervous about the texture of our creams.  It is true that they are thick like buttercream, but we promise that they are well absorbed by the skin.  Our new Elemental Moisturizer is luxuriously light and loaded with beautiful botanicals for your beautiful face.  
Just remember that a little goes a long way.  
Our serums are the oils-only versions of some of our best selling creams.  A small pump will do.  They can be used in conjunction with your face cream, by themselves, or as a night treatment.  We find the oils to be lighter, so if this is a concern — go this route.  
We have a few different toners to choose from as well.  Not only do they help balance your skin's pH, but you will need less moisturizer.  
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