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Rosemary Nettle Shampoo Bar

Rosemary Nettle Shampoo Bar

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This Rosemary Nettle Shampoo Bar lathers beautifully, nourishes your hair, and there is no packaging waste or paraben preservatives to contend with!  Choose this bar for normal to dry hair & scalp.

Rosemary is queen and king when it comes to hair and scalp care. It is an excellent overall tonic for hair and scalp, helping to strengthen the hair, stimulating the follicles and combating dry and flaky scalps thus helping to reduce dandruff. It is also reputed to work against hair loss and greying. In this Rosemary Nettle Shampoo, luscious base oils are combined with essential oils of rosemary and bergamot mint and with infusions of organic rosemary and nettles. The result is a deeply conditioning and nourishing shampoo that yields lustrous, naturally cleansed hair and scalp.

Free of detergents, fragrance oils and all synthetics, this shampoo is also a great traveling companion. Small, light and easy to transport, it is an all-around great choice for air travel. To use just wet your hair, rub all over with the bar until a lather forms, put the bar aside and scrub as you like. Rinse well and then condition as needed. Due to the high castor oil content in the shampoo, it's best if you keep this bar in a dry place between use.

Made from olive, coconut, castor, shea butter, sweet almond, avocado and apricot kernel & hemp seed oils. Infused with organic rosemary & nettle powder. 

115 gm/4 oz. 100% natural, gluten free & vegan.

made by Camamu Soap