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Ssssting Stop Homeopathic Gel

Ssssting Stop Homeopathic Gel

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SssstingStop (Sting Stop) Soothing Gel by Boericke & Tafel Homeopathics is a homeopathic gel formula designed to help relieve itching, pain and redness resulting from insect bites and stings. Safe for you and your family, Sting Stop combines three natural homeopathic (HPUS) medicines prepared from botanical sources. Sting Stop provides temporary relief of itch, pain, and redness of non-poisonous insect bites and stings -- mosquitos, bees, wasps, etc. Sting Stop also soothes fever blisters & cold sores.

30 g/1 oz

Sting Stop Soothe Gel Ingredients: Echinacea Angustifolia 1X 10%, Ledum Palustre 1X 10%, Urtica Dioica 1X 10%. Inactive ingredients include Citronella Oil & Eucalyptus Oil in Water Gel Base. Does not contain Hydrocortisone or other Steroids, Antihistamines, "Caine" Pain Killers, or Synthetic Medicines of any kind.