We don't make soap.  We hear that it is quite addictive and could be a huge distraction from what we do; we make lotions and creams and salves with so much love and intention.  Not to be distracted from that mission, we offer some of our favorite bars to delight you and your body. Camamu soap in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland makes many of these soaps, shampoo bars, facial care bars, and shaving soaps.  We also carry A Wild Soap Bar, a boldly beautiful natural soap line from Texas.  We love the scents, the packaging, and the fact that they make a soap called Wild Carrot!  You can also find a locally made goat's milk soap line called Sally B Farms.  We love all the soaps that Wendy makes and we have met her goats too.  We are so thankful that they share these beautiful creations with us.  

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