Amrita's Bugs BeGone Synergy Blend

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The ingredients of Amrita's Bugs BeGone are lemongrass, rosemary 1.8 cineole, sweet lavandin, lemon eucalyptus, peppermint and catnip essential oils.

Each of these tremendously effective essential oils repels certain insects when used alone, but when combined, they work together to dissuade the greatest variety of pests. As a bonus, because the essential oils in this synergy are carefully mixed in perfect proportion, the scent of the blend is very pleasant.

Bugs BeGone is an outstanding achievement in practical aromatherapy. This wonderful creation can save your vacation from the discomfort and annoyance of bug bites while you enjoy its delightful aroma.

10 mL/0.34 oz bottle from Amrita Aromatherapy