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Do you offer free shipping?  

Yes!  We offer free USPS shipping on orders over $75.  

What is your return policy?

We guarantee our products and want you to be 100% satisfied with them. If our skin care is not to your liking, please return to us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund or exchange. Use the original packaging if you can or ensure that the product will not break in transit.  Please close the pumps on those products in bottles to avoid a big mess for the mail carrier and for us.  Once we receive the product back we will refund or exchange the product for you.  Shipping charges are non-refundable.  Does not apply to sale items, merchandise, soap, candles and special orders.  All sales are final on exchanged products.  Make sure to include your contact information and if possible, your sales receipt.  Return the product via US mail to us at:

Wild Carrot Herbals - returns
P.O. Box 348 
Enterprise, OR 97828

If you purchased our products from a retail store, please return them there for an exchange or full refund.  
We do not sell on Amazon.  If you purchased our products through that site, please contact them about their return policy.
What are your shipping and delivery methods?    

We normally ship via US Mail Priority Mail. Fed Ex home delivery and next day shipping is also an option.  Shipping times across the US are faster and usually cheaper.  We often have shipping promos - check out our home page and Facebook page for current promotions.  We can ship to any country in the world as well.  If the order weighs under 4 pounds it will usually go USPS International and is the most economical.  If you don't see your country listed please contact us and we will add it.  Shipping charges are just that - they do not include customs duties and taxes.  

What is your turn around time?  

We try to get orders out as quickly as possible. 1-3 business days is our normal turn around time to process and pack your order.  Transit times are in addition to this. We will let you know if we are especially busy and turn around times are longer than this.  Please bear in mind that we are in a remote corner of NE Oregon.  Inclement weather can affect scheduled delivery times.  
What are your hours of operation?  
Our office hours are Monday - Thursday 8 am - 5 pm Pacific time.   
Our retail store hours are Monday - Saturday 9 - 5.
Can I place an order over the phone or by mail?  
Certainly!  We truly appreciate the old fashioned ways of doing business too and welcome your call.
Call us to place an order at 800-988-4491
or mail an order to:
Wild Carrot Herbals
 P.O. Box 348 
Enterprise, OR 97828.

What should I do if my order is damaged in transit?  

We do our best to package all of our products securely to ensure that they arrive in one piece to you. Occasionally something happens along the way that cannot be anticipated. If you receive damaged goods, please keep the original box and packing materials along with your damaged order and contact us immediately at 1.800.988.4491 or email us at info@wildcarrotherbals.com so that we can make a claim with the shipper as well as get replacement product out to you.  If you can send us a photo that is quite helpful too.
Do you have special shipping methods during inclement weather?

We view our handmade skin care as family and closely monitor the weather around the country to ensure that it travels safely to you. All of our products are packaged in glass and sensitive to extremes in temperature. Therefore, we ship via US Mail to destinations across the country to ensure that our products are not exposed to freezing conditions and do not freeze (and explode). The same applies for extremely hot temperatures — we do our best to limit the exposure to temperatures over 80 degrees as well.


Do you have samples of products available for purchase?

We do now! You can purchase our sampler pack on our website for $5 — basically just the cost of shipping it to you. You can find in our catalog index under sampler.

Why do you have an outside box for your jars?

We resisted an outer container for our jars for years, as it seemed unnecessary.  Now we have them for our bottles.  After much research we created our boxes that are made from FSC certified paper from a mill just up the road from us, supporting sustainable, small family forestry.  They are completely recyclable or compostable. By having an outer container we are also able to use less packing materials in shipping, we no longer need plastic shrink wrap, products suffer less damage on the shelf, and they are entirely protected from dust and UV damage. 

Why do you package in glass?  

We strive to eliminate petroleum-based products from skin care and believe that our packaging should reflect the same integrity. Glass is also easily recyclable and inert — so will not interact with the essential oils and raw materials contained inside each bottle or jar.  Our glass is sourced from Germany, France, and Poland.  

Do you use GMO ingredients?

We don't eat GMOs so why put them on our skin?  We do our best to source non-GMO and certified organic ingredients for all of our raw materials. Even our tocopherol vitamin E is GMO free and made from sunflowers.  

Are your products gluten free?

All of our products are gluten free. We don't have any ingredients that contain gluten in our entire facility to ensure that there is no possible contamination of product.

Are your products phthalate free?

We use fragrance oil in 2 of our products; the firefly sparkle lotion and the vanilla bean face cream.  We source phthalate free vanilla fragrance.  

Do you test your products on animals?  Do your products contain animal ingredients?  

No, we do not conduct any animal testing or use products that we know have been tested on animals.  We use locally sourced beeswax for our salves & lip balms.   We use lanolin, a natural ingredient in the wool sheared from Merino sheep, for its ability to protect the skin.  It is in the Lord! My Hands Are So Dry! Lotion, Goo-goo Baby Bum Balm, and our Rose Geranium & Spikenard Anti-Fungal Salve.  We source these ingredients wisely.  

The pump doesn't seem to be working on my lotion bottle - how do I make it work?  

We are so sorry that you are having difficulty getting into your lotion! Sometimes we have noticed that the pump can loosen a bit during shipping and therefore will not unlock. It sounds counter-intuitive — but you need to actually tighten the pump onto the bottle. The ribbed area that attaches to the lotion bottle should be as tight as it can go. Once it is tight, you will be able to unlock the pump mechanism. The pumps we use can be re-locked too, in case you want to travel with them.

Is the Goo-Goo Baby Bum Balm cloth diaper safe?  

We have many Mamas that have used the Goo-Goo Baby Bum Balm with cloth diapers (including myself) and have loved it. There is controversy however about lanolin. We use a small amount of lanolin to protect baby skin — which also helps to repel water. Some use a liner, some use really hot water to wash any lanolin residue out. I never had issues with it - washed in cold water and dried my cloth diapers on the line like all the women in the generations before me.