Vetiver Clove Soap

Vetiver Clove Soap

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We could stare at this bar in the shower until the water runs cold.  It is so beautiful!  A wonderful soap to use after a day spent outdoors, Atlas Scrubbed’s earthy aroma comes from a blend of clove, vetiver & sweet orange essential oils. The addition of ground oatmeal revitalizes, conditions and gently exfoliates the skin.  Finally, a swirl of organic walnut husk powder is added.  Rich in tannins, walnut husk powder combats mild eczema or other inflammatory conditions including acne and psoriasis.

Made from: olive, coconut, RSPO-certified palm & castor oils. Colored with organic walnut husk powder & ground, gluten-free organic oats.

4 oz/115 gm. 100% natural, gluten free & vegan.

made by Camamu Soap