Nothing Fancy Supply Co.'s Beeswax Food Wrap

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"Our goal is to provide a straight-forward solution to plastic waste that appeals to everyone, allowing you to make a lasting impact with reusable, natural food storage."
Made in Illinois, Nothing Fancy Supply Co. utilizes natural ingredients, sourced in the USA, to produce their eco-friendly line of food storage alternatives. Organic cotton with a coating of sustainably sourced beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin make these wraps waterproof and easy to use.
For a multi-use, waste-reducing alternative to plastic wrap, we highly recommend these products.
How to use: apply wrap to food storage container and seal with the warmth of your hands. Rinse with cold water to clean. Hang to dry. Can be used time and time again.
Small, 2-pack
8" x 8" each
Medium, 2-pack
10" x 10" each
Large, 2-pack
14" x 14" each