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Blue skies, nothing but blue skies smiling at me…bubbles for babies and those who want to feel “babied”.  This is the only plastic container we have ever purchased for our skin care line.  It is HDPE plastic which is BPA free and recyclable with your other class 2 plastic recyclables.  They were salvage containers that could have been put in a landfill somewhere, so we scooped these adorable little rodent shaped bottles up and filled them with love and sunshine for you and your babe.  

Contains: Organic Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, decyl glucocide, laurel glucoside, organic vegetable glycerin, sodium cocoyl hydrolyzed silk amino acids, honey extract, Aveena sativa (oat) protein, panthenol DL, sodium alginate, lactic acid, ascorbic acid, tocopherol, niacinimide, pyridoxine, caprylic acid, lauric acid, propanediol, and essential oils of spruce (Tsuga canadensis), lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus), & blue chamomile (Tanacetum annum).

For external use only.
Net wt 240 mL / 8 oz

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