It's Never Too Close Bundle

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It's never too late to be close! 

This basic bundle pairs our Marshmallow Cloud Solid Facial Cleanser with Jungle Culture's zero-waste Bamboo Safety Razor for a close shave and a clean, soft face. The razor sports a thick, durable bamboo handle and a premium quality, double-edged, Swedish stainless steel blade, giving you a superior shave. Marshmallow Cloud, with its gentle botanical aroma, creates a rich, dense lather that provides a moisturizing base for shaving, leaving your skin clean and smooth, and your spirits becalmed.

We also offer a deluxe shaving bundle that adds to the basic bundle above. Included are a natural bristle complexion bush to gently exfoliate the face and help froth up an amazing lather, a bamboo razor stand to keep the razor safe from damage or rust, and a slatted wooden dish to keep your Marshmallow Cloud Cleansing Bar dry between uses. 

Basic Bundle
Marshmallow Cloud Solid Facial Cleanser - 4 oz bar 
Jungle Culture Bamboo Safety Razor with 5
Premium Swedish Stainless Steel Double-Edged Blades

Deluxe Bundle - adds to the Basic Bundle
Bamboo Complexion Brush w/ Natural Boar Bristles
Bamboo Razor Stand
3" x  3"  Wooden Slotted Cleanser Dish