Decongest Your Chest

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Open the airways with this bundle of easy breathing goodies. Our Herbal Chest Rub  for adults contains a beautiful, effective infusion of oils and essential oils to ease tight, painful lungs, and open your respiratory passages. The Breathe Ease aromatherapy inhalers made with 100% pure essential oils give you relief on the go in a convenient, easy to use tube. Golden Lotus Drops are formulated with traditional Chinese and western herbalism to comfort the throat and airways, offering cooling, moistening properties. These lozenges also contain honey and natural menthol vapors to provide additional comfort in the upcoming cold and flu season. 

Herbal Chest Rub 

1oz glass jar

rareEssence Aromatherapy - Breathe Ease

285mg tube

Golden Lotus Lung & Throat
20 Drops