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Dirty Dog Shampoo

Dirty Dog Shampoo

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Free of chemicals, pesticides and harsh detergents, this Dirty Dog shampoo is made from nourishing, conditioning base oils — olive, coconut, castor, palm, apricot kernel, avocado, neem and sweet almond — infused with rosemary and neem leaf powder and scented with a flea and tick repellent essential oil blend of citronella, eucalyptus, lemon eucalyptus, cedar and petitgrain. 

As well as gently cleansing, this shampoo has the added benefit of removing poison oak and ivy oils just in case your dog enjoys the occasional cross-country jaunt through the underbrush. Solid bar shampoos make it easy to clean your dog’s underbelly and other harder to reach areas. Fully bio-degradable, this soap is also great to take traveling or camping. Good for humans too!

Made from olive, coconut, castor, palm, apricot kernel, neem, avocado & sweet almond oils; infused with neem leaf & rosemary powder. 

115 gm/4 oz bar. 100% natural, gluten free & vegan.

made by Camamu Soap