Farm House Teas - Birthday Cake Tea

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Farm House Teas
The Kosel Family is a wonderful family of six who left the city life for a 2-acre farm outside of Portland, Oregon in hopes of being able to grow the bulk of their own food. They started hand crafting their own herbal medicines and teas, and have grown into a multifaceted herbal based business. Farm House Teas are a reflection of the owners belief that they are stewards of the land and food is their best medicine. These beautiful blended teas have been crafted and sipped with a cause in mind. Every cup helps support multiple families and the local economy. 
Birthday Cake Organic Loose Leaf Tea is the perfect tea to send to a special friend or loved one for their special day. This Organic Red Rooibos tea is a whole lot of sweet with Organic Licorice Root and a whole lot of pretty with an array of edible flower confetti. Enjoy this tea while slowly watching the sun set, or give it as a gift that keeps on giving with every sip. 

Ingredients: Organic Red Rooibos, Organic Licorice Root, Organic Marigolds, Organic Rose Petals, Oregon Grown Bachelor Buttons, Organic Extracts.

Caffeine Level: None