Farm House Teas - Opal Creek Orange Spice Tea

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Farm House Teas
The Kosel Family is a wonderful family of six who left the city life for a 2-acre farm outside of Portland, Oregon in hopes of being able to grow the bulk of their own food. They started hand-crafting their own herbal medicines and teas, and have grown into a multifaceted herbal-based business. Farm House Teas are a reflection of the owner's belief that they are stewards of the land and food is their best medicine. These beautiful blended teas have been crafted and sipped with a cause in mind. Every cup helps support multiple families and the local economy.

Steeps up a light amber color with a wonderful oolong flavor along with notes of orange and spice from the cinnamon, clove, and ginger.

Ingredients: Organic Oolong, Organic Orange Peel, Organic Cinnamon Chips, Organic Clove, Oregon Grown Calendula,  and Organic Orange Extract.

Caffeine Level: Medium