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The ideal soap for those soft womanly parts.  Feminine Soft combines a very high level of super-fatting (10%) with herbal infusions of calendula, chamomile and marshmallow. 10% super-fatting means this soap has a lot of extra (unbound) oils in it which makes it very gentle and very moisturizing. The organic herbs infused into the soap bring their amazing therapeutics into the mix... calendula is anti-yeast as well as being an overall healing powerhouse, chamomile is so extraordinarily skin-soothing while marshmallow is soothing, humectant and supportive of mucosal tissue. Lightly scented with palmarosa, balsam peru and sweet orange essential oils, this soap is softly supportive.

Made from: olive, coconut, RSPO-certified palm & castor oils; infused with organic calendula, chamomile & marshmallow. 

4 oz/115 gm. 100% natural, vegan & gluten free.

made by Camamu Soap

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