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Express who you truly are with this dynamic bundle. Saffron Seed Nutrient cream is one of our most luscious and restorative creams. We harness the power of saffron and sea buckthorn seed oil's nutrients to promote collagen formation and heal the skin. Packed with omegas, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals, this cream helps reduce inflammation and soothe and lessen radiation burns. As a partner product, Yarrow & Pomegranate is bringing all of its abundance and healing qualities to the skin. Yarrow will gently absorb in the skin, tightening the pores so they appear smaller and firming the skin. Matching the wealth of the yarrow, pomegranate seed oil seamlessly supports cellular regeneration and lessens free radical damage. This duo's intense hydration and nourishment will bring life back into your skin that would make even Cleopatra envious.

Saffron Seed Nutrient Cream
Deluxe Sample


Yarrow & Pomegranate
Firming Eye Cream


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