Glam & Grace Non-Toxic Nail Polish

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Glam & Grace, a handcrafted, small batch beauty company, is dedicated to creating non-toxic, silicone free, paraben free and cruelty free beauty products.

Nails are highly porous so anything put on them is absorbed directly into your blood stream, passing along the highly toxic chemicals found in many traditional nail care products. Glam & Grace believes your personal style shouldn't be inhibited by avoiding toxins, instead offering simple, clean ingredients that glow in a variety of delicious colors. Committed to creating '10 Free' products, Glam & Grace's polishes help you feel confident in what adorns your confidence.

2 oz bottle

'10 Free'- free of 10 toxins commonly used in traditional nail polish

X Formaldehyde
X Toluene
X Camphor
X Formaldehyde Resin
X Xylene
X Ethyl Tosylamide
X Parabens
X Phthalates
X Fragrances