Amrita's Organic Invincible Immunity Synergy Blend

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The ingredients of Amrita's organic Invincible Immunity Synergy Blend are bay laurel, eucalyptus radiata, oregano, tea tree, thyme borneol, red thyme and thyme thujanol essential oils.

This synergy blend has a strong lineup of impressive essential oils that help keep you from getting sick. Like fierce knights in shining armor standing guard, these mighty essential oils protect the castle of your precious immune system.

Bay laurel is a potent essential oil that helps support the lymphatic system. It also enhances mentation, removes mucous from respiratory channels, soothes indigestion, heals skin conditions, and strengthens immunity. Its antiseptic and mucous-clearing effects make it a practical oil to have on hand for colds and congestion.

Eucalyptus radiata is good for treating and preventing colds, particularly those that create congestion. Antiviral, antiseptic and warming, eucalyptus radiata is helpful in soothing sore throats and breathing passages, while removing mucus and attacking the cold virus.

Oregano essential oil is a stimulating oil used to treat conditions of the upper and lower respiratory tract, as well as influenza.

Tea tree essential oil is fresh, pungent and antiseptic. It is used to treat bacteria, viruses and fungi, as well as to wash wounds, ulcers and burns.

Thyme is an invigorating, warming oil useful for congestion in the lungs, infection of the respiratory system, fatigue and chills. In ancient Sumeria, thyme was used to increase courage, strengthen morale and clear thinking. During World War I, thyme was used as a disinfectant in hospitals. Red thyme is the most potent of the many varieties of thyme. 

Thyme thujanol is mild but has good antiviral activity.

Used together, these heavy-duty, immune-boosting essential oils give you needed protection to keep you from coming down with a cold or flu. Invincible Immunity is a great blend to have on hand for a long plane ride, in a hospital room or classroom, or anywhere there are contagious airborne germs.

10 mL/0.34 oz bottle from Amrita Aromatherapy