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We couldn't resist the urge to make a product made from ingredients that are all sourced in the USA.  We also couldn't resist the urge to eat this scrub either...but it is intended for the face.  

Formulated for all skin types, this exfoliating scrub will help remove unwanted skin cells and make your face radiant, soft, and perfectly moisturized.  On a side note, the cilantro essential oil is known for aiding in detoxifying the body of heavy metals and radiation.  Another delicious smelling bonus to taking good care of your skin!  

Contains maple sugar, organic quinoa flour grown in Oregon, organic cold-pressed walnut oil, tocopherol non-GMO vitamin E from sunflowers, and essential oils of cilantro

and organic pink grapefruit.  

Using your hand as a mixing bowl, place a quarter-sized amount with a tiny amount of water and mix with your fingers.  Apply to the skin in a circular motion.  Rinse well with warm water.  

Resist the urge to eat it!  

60 mL glass jar in our signature paper container

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