In High Spirits Infusions- Cocktail Kits

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In High Spirit Infusions offers  unique combinations of dried fruits, veggies, herbs, and spices for your home bar. Mindful of the company's environmental impact and the three R's (reduce, reuse, recycle), this small, woman-owned company provides the delicious fixings for innovative infusions and craft cocktails.
Available in five different blends, each kit comes with its own product page with suggestions for which type of alcohol to use (or boiling water for non-alcoholic mocktails). These DIY thirst-quenchers are made by filling the jar with whichever liquid you desire, infusing for three to seven days giving the jar a good shake every day, and then enjoying in your favorite cocktail.
Simple, stylish sipping!
Kits do not include alcohol.
The Blackberry Ginger Smash infusion kit includes: blackberries, ginger root, and lemon.
The Peach Berry Pie infusion kit includes: peaches, blackberries, blueberries, lemon, vanilla bean, and sugar.
The Speakeasy infusion kit includes: dried cherries, orange, lemon, and rosemary.
The Sunday Sunrise infusion kit includes: dried blueberries, blood orange, chamomile, and lavender.