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Once upon a time I was gifted a pair of Dahlgren socks.  I was delighted to discover that they are a family run business based in Oregon!  Even more exciting was to discover that they are also manufactured in the USA.  A rare thing these days.  These socks are beautiful, and hold you in all the right places.  They are soft, incredibly warm, and not at all like those clunky old thick wool socks I had when I was a kid.  

With a fun, geometric take on the classic flower, Poppies brings both fun and style to any outfit. Thin and without cushioning, this lovely lightweight sock will fit beautifully into close fitting shoes and boots while offering patented performance courtesy of the Dri-Stride® system. Stay dry, comfortable, and stylish all day long! More details:

  • Flat knit for light weight comfort that doesn't interfere with fit.
  • A generous, 17" tall leg means these socks will stay comfortable and stay tall all day long.
  • Patented Dri-Stride® System
  • Alpaca/Merino Wool in Absorption Zones
  • Therma-Dri™ in Transfer & Evaporation Zones

Please choose your color.  Medium only, available in orchid or moonrock.  

Size Chart (US Shoe Size)

Medium 4 – 8 (Men's) 5 – 10 (Women's)
Large 9 - 12 (Men's) 10 - 13 (Women's)
XL 13 - 16 (Men's)

Poppies alpaca wool socks by Dahlgren

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