See Spots Run

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The amazingly beneficial blue tansy, detoxifying dandelion and charcoal are the powerhouse ingredients creating the foundation of this acne-fighting, anti-inflammatory bundle. See spots run with our Dandelion Detox Solid Facial Cleanser and Blue Tansy Facial Moisturizer. The transforming power of dandelion, activated charcoal and kaolin red clay provide a gentle, pore-tightening deep clean for your face, chest and back, or wherever you may need it. Blue tansy swoops in to balance and soothe sensitive, acne-prone skin. Blue tansy essential oil is also known to reduce anxious, stressful thoughts that may be clouding your emotional space. Rael Miracle Patches are the final step in the fight, to zero in on the blemishes that may pop up from time to time. The hydrocolloid in the patch absorbs the pus and oil while protecting your skin and allowing it to heal, which can reduce scarring.

Dandelion Detox Solid Facial Cleanser

4oz bar

Blue Tansy Facial Moisturizer

3.38oz glass pump bottle

Rael Miracle Patch

24 Patches

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