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See the Forest Soap

See the Forest Soap

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See the forest, smell the forest, be in the forest with this earthy, grounding bar.  Scented with a blend of cedar, fir, vetiver and patchouli essential oils, this soap helps to calm and center, like a walk deep in one of the Pacific Northwest’s profound, old-growth forests.  The organic walnut husk powder used to color this soap, rich in tannins, can help heal mild cases of eczema and dermatitis while the addition of green clay is useful in absorbing surface oils.  Recommended for people with normal to oily skin and for those who have wandered too far from home.

Made from olive, coconut, RSPO-certified palm & castor oils.  Colored with organic walnut husk powder & green clay.  

115 gm/4 oz. 100% natural, gluten-free & vegan.

made by Camamu Soap