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Silken Shaving Soap is infused with organic chamomile and rosemary to soothe the skin and help reduce inflammation and contains bentonite clay for glide and skin conditioning.

Formulated for the creation of a dense, long-lasting lather, it is made from coconut, RSPO-certified palm, olive, castor, apricot kernel, sweet almond, shea butter and aloe oils and provides deep nourishment and moisturizing while helping soften the bristle for a close shave. Unlike commercial shaving products, this shaving soap leaves the skin refreshed and moisturized. Scented with lavender, bergamot mint and rosemary, this soap's essential oil blend helps reduce stress and tension, soothes the skin and calms the psyche.

Made for men and women. Colored with organic rosemary & chamomile. 

75 gm/2.5 oz square in a cool kraft paper box. 100% natural, gluten free & vegan.

made by Camamu Soap

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