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For the royal treatment, choose Queen Bee - the ultimate skin-pampering soap. Infusions of organic calendula and marshmallow, honey, shea butter, rosehip seed and borage seed oils come together to make a soap targeted at dry, mature, damaged or just generally baby-boomed skin. An essential oil blend of frankincense, geranium and lavender brings additional reparation and rejuvenation to the skin. This utterly sumptuous soap is fit for nothing less than the queen of the hive.

Made from olive, coconut, RSPO-certified palm, shea butter, rosehip seed & borage seed oils; infusions of organic calendula & marshmallow. Colored with honey & chunks of Camamu soap. 

115 gm/4 oz. 100% natural & gluten-free.

made by Camamu Soap

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