Table Runners

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These Natural Habitat woodblock-printed table runners measure 13 x 60 inches and has a different pattern on the reverse side. The woodblocks are hand carved by artisans. Each color is printed with a different block to complete the motif being printed. All together there can be as many as 16 blocks used to create a design with five colors.

The colors used for printing are derived from non-toxic chemical and mineral dyes, as well as vegetable dyes. Chemicals dyes are used alongside vegetable pigments as they can withstand present day washing and color-fast requirements as well as allowing for a wider range of colors. A block printed cloth reflects the touch of a human hand and the sensibility and skill of the craftsman, making every piece unique.

These products are handmade using traditional craft techniques. Minor variations in size and color may occur.

Made in India

100% cotton (machine wash & dry)

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