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Watershed: "an event that causes an important change to take place".
Watershed moments have often occurred for me in the bath tub.
Introducing 3 different blends of essential oils to enlighten mind and spirit. These are all mineral-rich Pacific solar sea salts and epsom salts and packaged in our signature round paper containers. In our efforts to package responsibly, the labels are now printed on a tree free paper made from stone. There is no water required to process this paper, therefore less waste in manufacturing, and it makes for a very durable paper that is very water resistant. This label and container are completely biodegradable and you can compost them!
There are enough salts for 2-3 relaxing baths or 1 incredibly therapeutic bath.
Azure Mountain - Spruce and Pink Grapefruit essential oils. Uplifting and specific to adrenal support, I choose this blend when I am feeling overwhelmed and my mind races at night.
10 oz container

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