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With the belief that candles are an important element in creating a desirable environment, Erica A established Z CANDLES. Her candles allow you to not only have an inviting aroma, but a beautiful candle glow that can transform a space. Z CANDLES contain 100% soy wax derived from domestic soy beans and are poured by hand. All the candles are free of dyes and phthalates, meaning no chemicals will be released into the air, making them safe to burn around your children and pets. 

Birch + Pepper

8 oz

A terrific masculine scent with a woody blend of cool spicy cardamon and black pepper. Hints of mandarin and sandalwood round out the exotic musky candle. 

 Pear + Honey

8 oz

Our pear + honey candle contains top notes of green apple, peaches and juicy Bartlett pear and is topped off with a drizzle of organic honey. This candle is THE ultimate candle for Summer!

Cozy Cabin

8 oz

Freshly chopped wood, wool blankets and a touch of smoke from the fireplace.

Blackberry + Absinthe

8 oz

Our blackberry + absinthe soy candle has strong notes of blackberry and black currants, mixed with subtle notes of star anise and amber. This scent is the perfect scent to burn when entertaining dinner guests.

Mint + Clementine 

8 oz

A true mix of mint, orange peel and chamomile makes mint + clementine one of our most refreshing summer scents.