Zero Waste - Head to Toe

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 This bundle is perfect for the eco-savvy shopper in your life. We have curated a zero waste, biodegradable, reusable gift bundle. Keep your breath peppermint fresh with hüppy's all natural toothpaste tabs. Clean without the compromise is the attitude of this wonderful company that is vegan, sulfate-free, cruelty-free, natural and travel friendly. Wild Rose's botanical deodorant is a beautiful blend of organic cardamom and rose in a biodegradable container. Orchard Farm brings a Honeycomb Body & Shampoo Bar wrapped in biodegradable paper. Wash away your day with a natural sea sponge. All of these fabulous hand-crafted products are wrapped in a reusable sack that you can take to the shower, or to the store. 

hüppy Toothpaste Tabs

62 Count 

Wild Rose Botanical Deodorant


Orchard Farm Soap


Sea Sponge 

4" x 3"

Reusable Tie Sack 
13" x 10"