Bird song and rainbows, golden rays and pink mountain peaks. We are feeling the shift at last to the softness of spring in Wallowa county. It has been a bit difficult to stay indoors and focus on the tasks at hand. We thank you for visiting our site and for supporting a small town, family owned business. If you find yourself in the area, please do stop by!

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  • New Look For Baby Carrot!


    For about a year now, we have been hatching the idea of revamping our baby line and giving it a more adorable mascot.  Well, after months of hard work, we are finally launching our new Baby Carrot packaging, featuring the American Pika on every label.  A beloved little alpine creature that you rarely witness, and abundant here in this corner of the state, this smallest member of the bunny family is busy.  If you are lucky enough to see a Pika when you are up in the high mountains, you will most likely see them looking much like the one on our label with a big mouthful of greenery.  These little critters harvest plants all summer and dry them on talus slopes and store them in hay piles in their homes.  We can totally relate to that need.  Eeep!  

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