April showers really do bring May flowers! Look for special deals on our most floral offerings. The hills are alive and quite around here. Buttercup, violets, mariposa lily, and fresh clumps of bunch grass, budding lilacs and meadowlark song abound. Thank you so much for being here and checking out a small town, small family business.

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  • Rose Geranium Cake


    Last year I finally remembered to bring my scented rose geranium inside before the cold set in.  All winter long I have enjoyed rubbing the fragrant leaves and filling my nostrils with the scent of summer.  I just put her out on the from porch again to bask in another season of sunlight and warmth.  Which reminds me of this amazing geranium cake that I love to bake.  It is so feminine, so delicate, and yes, so delicious.  I happened to have a heart-shaped cake pan just for this kind of cake, but any 8 inch cake pan will do.  I use my favorite white cake recipe with plenty of lemon zest and some finely cut geranium leaves, but you can also use a pound cake or angel food cake recipe.  Substitute 1 TBSP rose flower water in the batter for an even rosier cake.  Carefully peel the rose geranium leaves off the cake for a perfect leaf imprint.  Dust with powdered sugar or serve with dollops of freshly whipped cream.  Summer dreaming!  



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