Fall DIY: Fire Cider

Recently a friend turned me on to this warming, spicy elixir.  I had to share my excitement about this concoction and hope that it proves to be as beneficial to you as it is to me and my family during the winter months.  You can take this cider as a warming tonic to help keep colds at bay, or use it to literally blast your system for those who like to take a stronger approach to their wellness.  Just thinking about this stuff warms me up!


Combine equal parts garlic, rosemary, horseradish, ginger, and burdock or dandelion root.  All of the above should be fresh if possible.  Chop herbs, garlic and roots finely and grate ginger, horseradish and combine in a mason jar.  If you like it spicy-add a hot pepper or two to your jar.

Gently warm raw apple cider vinegar until it is hot (not boiling)and pour over the herbs in your jar-leaving about an inch of vinegar on top of the plant material.  Make sure the plant material is completely covered so it doesn’t mold.  Use a spoon or a chopstick to release any air bubbles.  Cover with the lid and shake gently.  Keep your fire cider somewhere that is easily accessible like your kitchen counter or pantry and shake every day or two.  If the plant material sticks above the vinegar, use a spoon to tuck it back under the surface of the vinegar.

After about 2 weeks you can strain the plant material from the vinegar using cheese cloth or flour sack cloth towel.  Squeeze as much cider as you can out of this cloth.  Store your vinegar in dark glass or out of light if in clear glass.  If there is sediment at the bottom of your bottle you can pour the vinegar off the top into another bottle.